Saturday, 12 May 2012

Straw planes

These little planes are not much to look at, however they seem to fly much better than a normal paper plane and my boys have had so much fun with them. 

All you need is some drinking straws, tape, scissors and two A4 pieces of card.

Cut a strip down the length of one of the pieces of card about 3cm thick, do the same on the other piece of card but cut across the width (hopefully that makes sense).
Tape the two strips into circles.

Tape the two circles onto opposite ends of the straw.

It should look like this, like I said, nothing amazing looking, but throw it like you would a paper plane and you will see why it is worth the extra little bit of effort.

Seth loved his so much he took it to bed.

Have fun.


  1. You have inspired Matthew & Maxine!! They will come here for ideas!

  2. Awesome, you guys are great. Thanks.