Monday, 30 April 2012

Newspaper Hats

Today Seth was in a pirate mood, although these hats are not particularly "piratey," they did the trick for us.

We got together a newspaper, pens, tape, glue, scissors and anything to decorate the hat with.

Next get four pieces of the paper and open it right up.

Fold the corners down, leaving a bit at the bottom, tape the corners together.

Fold up two pieces of the paper up towards the pointy bit of the hat.

Turn the hat over and fold up the other side.

Now it is time to decorate, you can use anything, we used stickers, pens and tissue paper.

Jack loving his hat.

Arrrrr.... Seth the pirate.
Have fun.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Balloon Juggling Balls

Today was a cold day in Edinburgh, so we decided to do something indoors. The perfect opportunity to make juggling balls out of balloons and rice.

All that was needed was balloons,rice,scissors,tape and a funnel.

First we filled the balloons up with the rice.

It doesn't matter what colour you use now, as it will not show on the finshed ball.

Then we cut the top of the balloon off.

Next stick tape over the hole and cut the top off another balloon.

Put the bottom part of the balloon over the ball, (it's like putting on a swimming cap). Make sure you cover the hole with tape over.

Now cut the top and bottom off another balloon.

Slip the middle of the balloon over the ball and you have made your first juggling ball.

Try some new designs by cutting the last balloon into different shapes.
Have fun.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lego Maze

Today we made a Lego maze and covered it in clingfilm for woodlice to run around in. It was project all the boys could enjoy, especially Ethan, who is crazy about bugs.    
Our finished maze.

Finding some Woodlice

One Woodlouse

Putting them into the maze

Running around, lots of fun!