Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Lifesize paper me

I have always felt that one Seth is all this world needs. However today we made a lifesize copy of him and we both had a lot of fun doing it.

All that was needed was a roll of paper, pens and bits to decorate your 'copy' with. We used tissue paper, but you can use anything you like.

First Seth lay on the paper.

Then I traced around him, it was hard to keep him still.

Next he stuck hair on himself.

Then he drew on his eyes, nose and mouth.

I cut out t-shirt and shorts for Seth to decorate.

I was going to cut out shoes, but Seth wanted to draw his own on, he was very proud of those little scribbles.

His final masterpiece.
Have fun.

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  1. Seth looks like he was having fun & is so proud of his masterpiece!