Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bumble bee pom-pom

Pom-poms are so easy to make and kids feel they have made something great when they have completed them. Today Ethan made a bumble bee pom-pom, he loves it and was entertained for over an hour making it, although he did need a little bit of help from me.

All we needed was 20m of yellow wool and 10m of black wool, two doughnut shaped pieces of cardboard and some eyes. 

First Ethan wrapped 10m of the yellow wool tightly round the cardboard pushing the wool through the middle covering the whole ring in yellow.

Next he used 10m of black wool and wrapped it around 3/4 of the ring, then he changed back to the last 10m of yellow and covered the whole ring again.

 After all the wrapping I cut in between the two pieces of cardboard all the way around the ring.

Then I tied an extra piece of wool tightly around the middle.

Ethan cut the cardboard off and there was his pom-pom.

He stuck some eyes on.

I cut out some felt wings and smile.

I really enjoyed doing this with Ethan, Tyler is making a ladybird pom-pom, you can try a whole load of different animals and bugs. Let me know what you try.

Have fun.

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